Any excuse to have a drink at 10 in the morning is one that we can agree with, especially on a day that revolves around Mom! I think we can all agree that she deserves to take a day off from the heavy lifting and relax by the pool with a drink in her hand. The best part about some of these recipes is if there are kids at your Mother's Day event, you can easily subtract the alcohol and craft delicious mocktails!


Mimosa's are a classic brunch cocktail, and there's no doubt that they're delicious and easy. Although generically made with orange juice, spice this Mother's Day up with other juices! Spike your pineapple, pomegranate, strawberry, guava juice or even peach smoothie with some champagne and you're good to go. Add in some mix-ins such as berries or kiwi, then sip and relax!

Raspberry Basil Spritzer | Strawberry Lemon Mimosa | DIY (Drink It Yourself) Mimosa Bar | Orange Creamsicle Mimosa

DIY Mimosa Cocktail Ideas


If you're anything like me, sweet foods or drinks in the morning are a no go as my first taste. I always have to start with something salty before I move to dessert or fruity tastes, even if it's simply a cup of coffee before my mimosa. But why should we start with caffeine when there's alcohol, and it's acceptable and encouraged during brunch? Begin brunch with a salty bloody mary and get your buzz going before enjoying that delectable mimosa! 

 (Vegan) Ultimate Bloody Mary | Extra Spicy Bloody Mary | Over-the-top Bloody Mary Ideas

Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe Ideas


Let's be honest, Mom's (and you and I) LOVE Martha Stewart. And if she's drinking a cocktail, it's a given that it's a good one. Luckily for us, she shared her recipe for what she's drinking during Spring on Homeschool with Martha! This pomegranate Martha-rita is sure to be a hit at your Mother's Day brunch, picnic, or party. 

Pomegranate Martha-rita Cocktail


Don't worry, we aren't done with margaritas! There are so many different ways you can play around with flavors, and slush-textured cocktails are perfect for spring in Florida. Feel the sun on your face and cool down with these chilling drink ideas!

Coconut Blood Orange | Cilantro-infused Spicy Jalepeno | Peach Lime | Elderflower & Honey | Rhubarb Passion

Margarita Cocktail Ideas


We're all friends here, and I know some of you that have been scrolling through this blog may prefer something a little bit stronger than a mimosa or a margarita. Although you can always add a extra liquor to the above recipes, I wanted to include some recipes that can add a lively touch to your brunch or party this Mother's Day. 

Bourbon Smash | Apple Rosemary Whiskey | Passionfruit Paloma | Fig & Vanilla Vodka

Cocktail Recipe Ideas


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