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The kitchen is meant for more than just cooking food, it should be used to create cherished memories as well. Here at Heirloom, we treasure the value of gathering around the table with friends and family to enjoy a meal that is full of flavor and character. Whether you’re grazing for a snack or sitting down at the table for a meal, we aim to provide a delightful experience filled with good conversation. Although the food at your gathering should obviously be delicious and enticing, it should also be presented in a unique and beautiful way. That being said - we want to welcome you to Tessa’s Table

Tessa's Table

Inspired by her love of entertaining guests, Tessa formed her custom charcuterie & cheese board business, Tessa’s Table. After seeing the gorgeous and artistic spreads that Tessa was making, we knew that we needed to partner with her so that we could share her creations with our customers. When creating a board, Tessa’s main focus is to provide a variety of different flavors, colors, and textures that pair undeniably well together. Many would agree that cooking is a form of art, and anyone who’s seen Tessa’s work would definitely agree. Her signature grazing boards feature artfully placed cheeses, cured meats, seasonal fruit, artisan crackers, olives, homemade dips, assorted nuts, chocolates, honey, and are sprinkled with edible florals. 

Tessa's Table Grazing Board

Unlike other boards that feature an abundance of just a couple of things, Tessa’s boards consist of a diverse, aesthetic assortment of food that is nothing short of a conversation starter. Another aspect that makes her boards so unique is that she uses strategies such as interactive honey dippers, edible florals, decorative touches, and design-based food styling. By including a honeycomb wand, she gives grazers the opportunity to interact with the board by drizzling honey over various cheeses, fruits, or meats. Mixing and balancing the sweet and salty foods on her boards makes for an unmatched experience that allows you to be creative & enjoy new tastes and pairings! Just to sweeten the deal, Tessa sources the food for her boards from local vendors as well as Trader Joes & Wholefoods, which means Tessa’s Table provides high-quality, healthy selections that can be enjoyed guilt-free, (even when taking multiple trips to the grazing station!)

Tessa's Table

With twenty years of experience as an interior designer, Tessa has a creative eye for design, taste, color, and fun and that has melded into her unique business. Her talent in design is accurately depicted in the aesthetics of her boards & tables, making them an undoubtedly more chic catering choice than an overpriced crackers & cheese tray from the grocery store. In addition to that, by ordering one of Tessa’s grazing boards, food-prep will no longer be on the list of the many party-planning responsibilities you face. Her carefully crafted gourmet party boards will become a staple for all of your holidays, special occasions, and celebrations. 

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