The best part about planning an event based around your mother is that you are one of the people who knows her best. You know whether she likes things that are flashy & artistic, simple & modest, elegant & vintage, or if she's anything like my mom, she simply likes anything I put together just because I did it. You can plan the entire mood of the table around those key details that you know about her. A good place to start is by considering your mom's favorite colors and basing the color scheme off of that. Although it's impossible to create a table that's as beautiful as she is, you can definitely make a few impactful decisions to create a gorgeous table setting worth gathering around. 


These tablescapes are full of color and radiance, and truly give off cheerful vibes. These are perfect for an outdoor table setting or an indoor table setting with lots of natural light!

Colorful Outdoor | Cheerful Spring | Modern Colorful Spring

Colorful and Vibrant Tablescape Ideas


Sweet and simple, these tablescape ideas truly make you want to settle into your seat and enjoy a meal with the people you love. The tones here are light pinks, purples, blues, and sprinkles of yellow - making these table settings perfect for the spring season!

Modern Elegant Pastel | Simple Blue with Florals | Pastel Spring

 Pastel Tablescape


Each mother is different in their own unique way, and even though Mother's Day gifts, decor, and general theme is lighter colors - that doesn't necessarily mean that it's perfect for each mom. Darker colors are always fun to play around with and can create a stylish and modern atmosphere. Go to the dark side with these moody yet elegant tablescapes. 

Forest Green & Dark Blue | Dark with Vibrant Florals | Mexican Boho

Dark themed tablescape


You really cannot go wrong with purple. Not only does purple signify royalty and elegance, but lavender symbolizes grace and violets modesty - two of the adjectives that describe a great mother. Adorning your tablescape with these florals doubles as an affectionate gift mom can take home. 

Violet & Verde Simple Lavender | Lavender & Gold

Lush Lavender Tablescapes


Just because something is simple doesn't mean it isn't just as meaningful as a flashy, flamboyant design. These malleably modest tablescape ideas curate an environment of calmness and tranquility. If you ask me, these trendy scapes pair perfectly with a spa day! 

Butterfly & Bowties | French Picnic | Polka Dot

Modish Tablescapes


When you wander into a boutique nowadays, there's a good chance that most of their inventory consists of a lot of boho styled pieces. By combining natural earthy elements with bold ones, you can curate an atmosphere that puts your guests (and mom) at ease.

Boho Citrus | Boho Mustard | Boho Floral

Boho Chic Tablescape Ideas


Vintage is IN. In the same way that flare jeans and oversized t-shirts always seem to make a come back, you simply can't go wrong with a vintage tablescape. You can even add a piece of your own history through the use of an old photograph of you and mom for a personalized, warm-hearted gathering. 

 Simple Greenery | Floral Blush | Floral Placecard

Mother's Day Tablescape Ideas Vintage Photo


Some of the best memories are ones spent around a campfire, outside of the cabin that housed the annual family vacation. Bring a piece of your past to life through a rustic tablescape and reminisce in those meaningful memories with mom this Mother's Day. 

Rustic Spring | Bohemian Wood | Modern Rustic

Woodsy Rustic Tablescape Ideas

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