Being a feast for champions, a seafood boil/bake is undeniably a perfectly over-the-top idea for any summer get-together. Not only will your loved ones feel appreciated, but they'll be too busy enjoying cracking lobsters and opening clam shells to worry about anything else! Not only does a seafood feast just make sense in Florida, but it's a great way to kick off the summer! It's time to get your aprons on, pull out your shell crackers out, melt the butter, and pop some flaky biscuits in the oven. 

Unique Ideas for a Taste of the Sea

summer crab boil inspiration sea food bake


Summer simply wouldn't be complete without at least a few days spent in your own backyard! Set out some pillows, pop open some tables, order some Heirloom platters and set the scene for an elevated backyard picnic. Whether it's fun for the whole family, exclusively adults or a simple girls day, you want to make sure that everyone stays cool, has a good time, and has a cocktail (or mocktail) in their hand! Create a unique theme such as an American-style cookout, country farmhouse picnic, or wonderland tea party like Hazel's mom did!

Picnic Ideas

Summer party ideas


Enjoying the sunshine on your skin is one of the highlights of summertime, and you didn't design a beautiful backyard or get that patio refurbished for nothing! For this party theme, you'll want lots of fans, shade, and friends to enjoy the day with. Nothing beats spending time with those you love and gathering around the table sharing delicious food, drinks, and laughs. The gorgeous table setting and Heirloom-inspired photos were in the hands of Busy Bee & Apiary, and we're raving over their patio party for this summer! 

Summer Inspiration

Patio party set up ideas


I really can't say hot enough when discussing summer, and sometimes the ideal party is an indoor party. There's no wrong answer when it comes to what foods to include in a grazing spread, and you can cater to many different diets like keto, vegan, and even gluten-free! There's options for everyone - so lay out your fruits, cheeses, and other bite-sized eats across the table and design edible artwork. Whether you're grabbing inspirational ideas from Tessa's Table, Pinterest or from your own brain, these ideas are sure to get the juices flowing! 

Grazing Spread Inspo 

 summer grazing board table spread inspo


If you aren't hot during the summer, you aren't in Florida! Us Floridian residents know heat better than our best friend. Although unless you're in a chilly pool, it really isn't your friend at all! Setting out brisk refreshments for your guests is an absolute must this summer and every summer after. Whatever party theme you choose - these unique cocktail, mocktail, beer, or non-alcoholic lemonade & tea ideas are sure to keep your guests cool and your party even cooler. 

Summer Refreshments

summer cocktail inspiration

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