You want your home to represent you, and decorating for the holidays is a chance to express your creativity and put your personality into your home. Similar to how seedlings start to sprout as the warm weather of Spring rolls in, us humans get the opportunity to reinvigorate our minds and our homes - whether that’s through decorating for Easter or Spring cleaning. Easter symbolizes rebirth & transformation, and here at Heirloom we’re always looking for new ways to take our decor to the next level. 

There’s a certain satisfaction in creating something yourself, especially when it looks store bought. You get that little boost to your ego when your guest asks you where you got it, and you get to say that you actually made it yourself. However, not all of us have time in our busy lives to put together a ton of complex Easter decorations. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take the time to enjoy some simple DIY crafts this Easter season. 

If you’re anything like me, taking your weekly trip to Homegoods or Michaels feels almost, if not as good, as that first sip of cabernet and a good book in your lap after a long work day. Although that’s exactly where your partner doesn’t want you to be, because you probably come home with a couple of things that you don’t really need… but we won’t dive into that. Instead, we’ll delve into some beautiful home decorating ideas that you’ll definitely want to add to your to-do list this Easter.

Easter Wreath Home Decor
Easter Wreath 
A beautiful wreath for your front door is a perfect welcome to your guests come Easter day. There are an abundance of different styles and types of wreaths, and most can be completed with some materials you already have around the house or an inexpensive shopping trip. These simple, Easter themed wreaths are sure to take your guests breath away. 
Hula Hoop Wreath | Pom Pom Bunny Wreath | Rustic Easter Egg Wreath
Egg Carton & Berry Carton Easter Home Decor
Recyclable Carton Floral Arrangements
Skip the recycling bin this Easter, and re-use those egg cartons or berry cartons for a gorgeous and unique floral display. These low-cost ideas can likely be completed without leaving the house, and are a creative touch on your table. Check out the tutorials below for a boho chic home decoration!
Egg Vase Centerpiece | Berry Baskets
Easter Egg Home Decor
Easy Easter Egg Centerpiece
Clearly eggs are a huge part of Easter decor, so of course we had to pull a few of our egg-themed favorites to share with you. Whether you choose to go with pastel, bright, or artsy colored eggs this year, these DIY decorations can be made by the whole family. Add one of these memorable & edible displays to your table!
Spring Easter Egg Display | DIY Robin Blue Painted Easter Eggs | Bright & Colorful Easter Table Decor
Mason Jar Easter Egg Decor
Mason Jar Easter Floral Displays
You knew this one was coming! Mason jars seem to be everyones favorite home decorating tool, and they seriously make the best vases for florals & succulents. Get creative with your colors on this one, and paint the jar in a way that matches your style. Then add dirt or water, add your favorite plant, and voila, you've got a stunning yet simple Easter decoration. 
Mason Jar Succulent Pots | Butterfly Baby's Breath Bouquets | Lavender Flower Painted Mason Jars
Easter Coasters
Easter Themed Coasters
Not all holiday decorations should simply be decor, and that's why these fun DIY coasters are the perfect useful decoration for your dinner table, coffee table, or island. Personally, the bunny coasters will be making an appearance in my home this Easter - but peep the adorable, bright chick coasters for a fun family activity!
 Easter Chick Coasters |  Rope Bunny Coasters
Easter Napkin Holders
Easter Napkin Holders
These adorable napkin ring decorations are sure to leave an impression on your guests when they sit down for Easter brunch. Whether you choose to display bunnies favorite foods, egg themed mini wreaths, or bunnies themselves, these cute and easy table decorations add a touch of color to your tablescape.
Parsnip & Carrot Napkin Rings | Easter Wreath Napkin Rings | Movable Paper Bunny
Easter Table Centerpiece
Easter Table Centerpiece 
Did you know that having fresh flowers in your house is clinically proven to induce happiness, reduce stress, and improve productivity? A table isn't complete without a centerpiece, and these Easter themed displays are sure to set the scene for a lovely garden ambiance in your kitchen or dining room. Creating one of these lavish centerpieces is sure to leave you feeling at peace in your home, and that feeling will surely spread to your guests as well. 
Carrot Easter CenterpieceApothecary Jar Terrarium Easter Centerpiece
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