Mother's Day Party Ideas


Every year when Mother's Day comes around, we're reminded of the reasons why our mom is our favorite person on the planet. Although they're only celebrated once a year, mom's should realistically be celebrated each and every day. They put in the hard work every single day for years and years, and give us their time, knowledge, and most of all, love. They are truly the staple that holds the household together whether you're going through difficult times or if life is a breeze. As sons & daughters, the least we can do is enjoy a meaningful party or brunch with them to show them our true appreciation for everything they've done.


Mother's are heroes, and although it may not have always felt that way (hint, teenage years!) they are 100% the person we could always rely on, no matter what. If that isn't proof that mom deserves some well-deserved time to take it easy, I don't know what does! Whether your mom enjoys a good mimosa, bloody mary, glass of wine, or coffee with a little too much creamer, putting together a DIY bar with their favorite drink is sure to show them how much you value them. Small moves make big waves! 

Bloody Mary Bar | Mom-osa Bar | Coffee & Hot Cocoa Station | Wine & Cheese

Mother's Day Drink Station Ideas


This is an obvious one, but food is fundamental for a successful party. You already knew that, but our tip is to switch it up this year! Experimenting with new hor d'oeuvres can make a regular Mother's Day event feel like a spectacular one. Whether you're planning a grand brunch with all of your mother's friends, a backyard tea party, an intimate picnic with just you and mom or bringing her breakfast in bed, these appetizer ideas are sure to make an impression. Although some may contain more sugar than others, all of them will make a sweet addition to your Mother's Day meal.

"M" Charcuterie Board | Flower Cheese Plate | Tessa's Table Fruit Platter | Brie & Apricot Toasts | Lemon-herb Goat Cheese

Mother's Day Appetizers


Although you can put food on the table and a drink in her hand, nothing compares to quality time. The conversations and experience are the most memorable part of any holiday, and moments shared over doing something together are unforgettable. Spend this Mother's Day hand-decorating cupcakes as a team, and then enjoy this delectable treat (after you take selfies with them of course)! We'll save you the trouble of putting it together, you can grab your own DIY Cupcake Decorating Kit directly from us! 

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DIY Cupcake Decorating Kit 


Similar to how flowers require sunlight, water, and soil in order to be healthy, we need our mothers to help us grow through the good times and the bad times. Mother's are the foundation of who we are because we base most of what we know & value on what we were taught growing up. Although it doesn't seem like much compared to the sweat and tears it took to raise us to be wonderful human beings, flowers are an essential gift on Mother's Day. Decorate your tablescape with florals that replicate how beautiful she is inside and out. 

DIY Floral Arrangements | Poppy Flower Co. | Make Your Own Bouquet

Mother's Day flowers fit for a tablescape


Mother's who are reading, don't think that I forgot you! You may be planning your own brunch because your kids are too little to be reading this blog or you may be planning a girls day with your friends. Whatever the case, you deserve some time off to enjoy Mother's Day. Take a day off from rushing the kids to practices, shopping for groceries, cooking, and all of the other amazing things you do with these relaxing ideas for a carefree holiday. 

Tampa Bay Area

Sacred Floats & Gems | Secret Spa Facial | Hanley Therapy & Massage Spa 

Orlando Area

The Spa at Hyatt Regency Orlando Mani Pedi | Orchid Spa & Wellness | Bella Vita Salon & MedSpa HydraFacial

Mother's Day Spa Day


A simple spa day at home is sure to put a smile on Mom's face! We partnered with KOS and built a gift box that's guaranteed to win the day. We combined Mom's favorite things - wine, a candle, two soaps, and even included a wick trimmer, matches, a soap dish and topped it off with a floral garnish. 

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KOS x Heirloom Mother's Day Gift Basket

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