Part of the fun of hosting a party is getting your decorations, appetizers, and table set up for your guests - and a holiday party simply isn’t complete without a festive theme and fun extras that set the ambiance. Each year, we have so much fun creating new & egg-citing dishes for our customers, and I want to share some of the Easter party ideas I came across this year so that you can feel inspired too! 

When it came to food examples, I included a couple extra (you’re welcome) because you can never have enough ideas for delicious food for your party. These selections guarantee that your event will be Instagram-ready and will make your guests wish your party would last all night long.

Easter Placecard Holders
Easter Place Cards
These adorable placecard settings won't just help your guests find their seat, but act as a festive party favor as well! Whether you want to keep it simple with chocolate eggs and written name cards, get your hands dirty with some egg shell planters, or create a mini basket with eggs - your guests are sure to be blown away with these cute placecard holders.
Glitzy Placecard Holders | DIY Egg Shell Placecard Holders | Mini Basket Place Settings
Easter Gift Box Ideas
Easter Take-Home Gift Boxes
We all know that walking into a party that has take-home goodie bags on the table is infinitely better than a party that doesn't. And whether you include some holiday-themed candy, a drink for the party, or baked goods from your own oven or from the grocery store, there's a 10/10 chance of a good time before & after your party. To sweeten the deal, you can use recyclable materials such as egg cartons, berry boxes, or paper bags to make your guests an inexpensive yet adorable take home gift. 
DIY Spring Baked Goods Gift Box | Easter Sanpellegrino Gift Box | DIY Easter Bunny Gift Bags
Easter Appetizer Ideas
Easter Hor D'Oeuvres
Time to skip to the good part, the food. These easy, delicious recipes will make all of your guests want to go back for seconds. Some of my favorite recipes I came across in my inspiration-search were this bunny themed grazing board, cute chick deviled eggs, BLT egg sandwiches, and appetizing cream cheese-stuffed crescents. 
Easter Bunny Snack Board | Deviled Egg Chicks | Egg BLT Sliders | Stuffed Crescent Roll Carrots
Silverware & Napkin Table Setting Ideas
Table Setting
Speaking of appetizers, there's a good chance that you'll have some sort of table setting at your Easter party. Whether you're sticking to a grazing theme or you'll be sitting down at the table for a meal, you will most likely need silverware at some point. The birds nest napkin ring and burlap bunny silverware holder are great options for setting the table, and the carrot napkin holder is a great grab-and-go option for grazing/BBQ style events. 
Birdsnest Napkin Ring | Carrot Napkin Utensils Holder | No-Sew Bunny Burlap Silverware Holder
Easter Dessert Ideas
Easter Desserts
To finish strong on a sweet note, I wanted to share some of these delectable dessert ideas I came across. There's so many goodies I'd like to add to my table this Easter, and here's just a few of the easy Easter-themed treats I found. These bunny, egg, and carrot themed desserts make for a perfect photo - if you hold back long enough before taking a bite! 
Easter Bunny Cream Tart | Robin Egg Cupcakes | Rice Krispie Nests | Easter Egg Hunt Popcorn | Garden Carrot Cupcakes
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