Growing up, my family and I would always attend an Easter brunch at a country club and they always had the most beautiful, festive tablescapes. We’re talking pastel color themes, napkins wrapped with mini bunny ears, mini eggs strewn throughout the tabletop, and of course, holiday themed drinks and food. I’d be lying if I told you that the decor didn’t set the entire ambiance and made the beginning of Spring feel so refreshing.

Here at Heirloom, we focus a lot on presentation. The atmosphere of your event has an effect on how the day pans out, and by paying attention to your color schemes, style, and the elements you use, you can create a mood that everyone is sure to enjoy. 

There are so many different types of themes you can dive into - woodsy & rustic, soft pastel, bright greens and pinks, simple off-white, and so many more. Decorations at your Easter table are so important because aside from the experiences you share with your guests, everyone will remember how amazing your house looked. That’s why I want to share 10 of my favorite DIY tablescape ideas with you. 

Green & Gold Tablescape

Green & Gold 

This particular tablescape focuses a lot on elegance. The color combinations compliment each other in a way that promotes class, stemming from the golden dinnerware & silverware that accent the general green theme. This stylish design is a fine choice with the finesse to impress your guests. 

Soft Pastel Tablescape

Soft Pastel

If you’re looking for a soft pastel theme, this is the tablescape for you! It’s simple yet chic, and the light pink crinkle grass adds a nice touch to the mini candy eggs that sit atop of it. The soft greens, blues, and yellows trickled in throughout the table signify fresh Spring vibes and create a peaceful atmosphere for you and your guests.

Tessa's Table Easter Tablescape

Tessa's Table Easter Tablescape

One of my personal favorites, this beautiful tablescape dives into elegant greens and pinks with yellow accents, and it's designed by one of our very own local partners, Tessa's Table. I love how she used the moss bunnies and butterfly plates to make this tablescape perfect for Easter brunch!

Mossy Bunnies & Eggs Tablescape

Mossy Bunnies & Bird Nest Tablescape

When you think of figures that resemble Easter, there’s a good chance that bunnies & eggs are two of the first thoughts that come to mind. The mossy birdnest & bunny figurines commandeer the mood that goes hand-in-hand with Spring, and compliments the white table spread and napkins with beige bunny ear wraps.

Carrots & Eggs Easter Tablescape

Spring Inspired Tablescape with Carrot Centerpiece

This tablescape is perfect for you if you want your guests to feel like they're right in your garden. Grab some fresh carrots, flowers, eggs, and some fake grass and you’re good to go with this design. Writing the names of your guests on their designated egg adds a personalized touch to your table with this colorful and playful design. 

Dark Botanical Theme Easter Tablescape

Dark Botanical Theme Tablescape

This dark-themed Easter set-up invites natural elements to the table. The wooden platters beneath the plates, modern & rustic metal birds nest, and personalized turquoise painted eggs brings it all together. This beautiful, botanical dark theme is perfect for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Easter Tablescape at the Farm

Easter Tablescape at the Farm

This straight forward, polished farmhouse tablescape utilizes pink & white florals amongst a soft pink and grass-green color scheme. The wooden table accents the gorgeous dinnerware, and although there aren’t an abundance of Easter bunnies strewn throughout the table - this design has Spring written all over it.

Lemon Themed Easter Tablescape

Lemon Themed Tablescape

Not all of us are keen on the bunnies and eggs theme that Easter manifests. If you’re looking to keep it simple yet vibrant, adding lemons is a fresh and sweet touch to your table. This design requires a quick trip to your local Homegoods or Joann Fabrics, where you can find stylish vine plants that can easily be tossed onto your table as a beautiful centerpiece. 

Yellow & White Bunny Themed Easter Tablescape

Yellow & White Bunny Themed Tablescape

Jumping right back into the bunny & egg vibes, (we know that’s what most of you are probably going for this Easter,) this tablescape envisions Easter morning with adorable grass accents. You can pull this design together with some porcelain bunnies, mini egg baskets, fake grass, and yellow and white eggs. Filtering in some white flowers assembles a unique, fresh scene at your table.

Mossy Bird Nest with Eggs & Monarch Butterfly

Mossy Bird Nest with Eggs & Monarch Butterfly

When you’re designing your table for Easter brunch, you shouldn’t be entirely focused on just the centerpiece. This unique, nature-inspired mossy bird nest captures the essence of Spring with a single plate topper and is sure to leave your guests speechless. A Monarch butterfly symbolizes transformation and rebirth - and that’s truly what Easter is all about. 

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